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How businesses are retaining their quality staff – and how technology is helping

This is where robots shine, and why we at TUFF show up to work every day. By developing products that can handle the basic repetitive tasks, we ensure that each team is equipped with top tier reliable support. On top of that, robots are always there when you need them - and never call in sick. If for any reason, they aren’t working, our team of experts are there to apply a quick fix.

When you are able to provide a high level of consistency, customers get better and faster service, and employees get to focus on the meaningful tasks. There is a visible increase in both customer and employee satisfaction, higher tips, and more repeat customers. Robots, when integrated successfully, are a tide that raises all boats!

In order to have more people debunk this myth with us, we recently launched our free trial program, which provides a risk-free 14 day time period during which participants can see first-hand how robots can assist their staff. We improve the setup throughout as we collect more data, and find the workflow that works for your team. At the end of the trial, we put together a report based on how much you’ve leveraged our technology, and calculate the return on investment. So far, we have a 100% conversion rate.

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