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Top 5 best robot servers for your restaurant

By November 14, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

The 21st-century dining industry is changing, with the touch of human service giving way to the innovative assistance of robots. Whether it’s efficiency, precision, or sheer novelty, robot servers quickly become a staple in modern eateries. Ready to upgrade your establishment? Read on to discover the top 5 robot servers that promise to elevate your restaurant’s experience.

What is a robot waiter? 

Picture this: a sleek, efficient, and tireless server that never misses an order or forgets a smile. That’s a robot waiter. These machines assist human waiters, providing perfect service every time. With the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, robots eliminate long wait times and increase customer satisfaction. And let’s not forget the wow factor they bring to the dining experience, making your restaurant the talk of the town! So, if you aim for precision, efficiency, and a bit of futuristic charm, robot waiters are your best bet.

Explore top robot servers for your business

The restaurant industry is full of innovative solutions to enhance customer service, and robot servers are leading the charge. These robotic assistants are not just a glimpse into the future but today’s reality. As we explore the world of automated service, let’s look at the best robot servers you can purchase or lease to elevate your restaurant’s dining experience.

Robot LINK from Tuff Robotics 

LINK is the autonomous robot waiter that is revolutionizing the restaurant industry. This assistant efficiently handles tasks, reducing human error and ensuring customers receive their orders on time. Besides, its main advantages are:

  • Increased efficiency. Capable of carrying up to 80 pounds, LINK’s speed and agility promise faster service, keeping your visitors satisfied and coming back for more. Robot trays have secure locking mechanisms to prevent spillage during transportation. Also, this innovative robot waiter can handle multiple orders at once, delivering each dish to the right table without any mix-ups. Equipped with sensors and cameras, LINK navigates indoor spaces, avoiding obstacles and maneuvering through crowds with ease.
  • Dynamic advertisements. LINK robot waiters have large screens that showcase different announcements. Customers can easily access a web browser, log into their accounts, and refresh marketing images whenever they spot creative fatigue. These robot waiters, with their interactive screens, can attract customers with promotions, specials, and menu recommendations in real time. The dynamic display keeps visitors up to date with the latest offers, inviting them to check out new items and seize discounts and specials.
  • Low maintenance. LINK is part of the TUFF Robots family, known for low maintenance and easy to use. What truly sets these automated waiters apart from the competition is their exclusive cloud-based support accessibility. When the robots encounter technical glitches, the team can resolve the majority of issues online without the need to visit the location. Even if a customer calls with a problem, it can be swiftly addressed, minimizing any potential business disruptions.

In a world where many businesses grapple with employee turnover and the challenges of constant staff retraining, LINK from Tuff Robotics offers an innovative solution. This robot helper ensures seamless service, reduces human workload, and keeps customers returning for more. 

Servi from Bear Robotics 

The self-driving robotic Servi from Bear Robotics is revolutionizing the restaurant industry. With a blend of technology and efficiency, Servi is designed to elevate your customer’s dining experience. Here are some of its standout features:

  • 100% self-driving. Servi has an advanced LiDar sensor and multiple cameras to navigate spaces, ensuring safety and ease of movement. AI self-driving technology allows robot to get to the right table while avoiding people or obstacles.
  • Multi robot mode. Servi robots synchronize with each other to avoid collisions, creating a harmonious robotic team. Also, with up to 12 hours of battery life from a 4-hour charge, Servi is ready to deliver exceptional service no matter how busy your restaurant gets.
  • Auto return. Servi is intelligent enough to know when to return to its post, thanks to internal weight sensors that detect when a delivery has been completed. This smart feature keeps things running smoothly, allowing your staff to focus on customer service.

For a space of 1,000 square feet with 10 tables and a home-base station, the minimum installation time for Servi is a mere 14 minutes. Among the models, there are Servi, Servi Plus, and Servi Lift, each designed to improve the service and dining experience in your restaurant.

Matradee L from Richtech Robotics 

Meet Matradee L from Richtech Robotics, your restaurant’s reliable and efficient server. This robot helps you upgrade service and step into the future of hospitality. Here are some of the key benefits of bringing Matradee L into your team:

  • Dependable all day. Matradee L is available 24/7 without breaks, vacations, or training periods. Its impressive 15-hour battery life makes it easy to handle the busiest shifts, providing consistent and dependable service all day long.
  • Quicker service time. Boasting triple the carrying capacity of a person, Matradee L serves up to 12 meals in a single trip. This technology automatically returns to a standby location, ready to take the next order.
  • Large marketing screen. Equipped with a high-quality screen, Matradee L doubles as a marketing tool, displaying advertisements and branded graphics as it moves around your restaurant. 

With a quick charging time of just 3.5 hours, three convenient trays, and an impressive total capacity of 88 pounds, Matradee L is the epitome of efficiency and functionality, designed to meet all your restaurant’s serving needs.

BellaBot from Pudu Robotics

The BellaBot is an innovative robotic server from Pudu Robotics. It elevates the dining experience in your restaurant while improving operational efficiency. Here’s how BellaBot can benefit your restaurant:

  • More orders. BellaBot has four 10 kg infrared induction trays, doubling the load capacity of delivery. Up to 20 BellaBots can work in tandem, easily handling peak-hour service. By taking on routine tasks, BellaBot liberates your staff, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional customer service. 
  • Higher efficiency. BellaBot delivers 400+ dishes in a single day, meeting the demands of any bustling restaurant. Its battery system enables 24/7 operation, providing uninterrupted service. Also, its contactless delivery system is a timely response to health concerns, reducing the risk of infection and promoting a safer dining environment.
  • Intelligent multi-function. BellaBot offers a range of modes, including Greeting, Cruise, Dish-return, Delivery, Birthday, and Direct Mode, catering to all your restaurant’s needs. This versatility drives operational efficiency and adds a touch of personalized service to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

With availability in over 60 countries, BellaBot restaurant robots are a global solution for restaurant owners seeking a cost-effective, efficient, and profitable way to elevate their service and improve operations.

Carson from Service Robots

Carson robots from Service Robots can effortlessly automate your delivery processes, from serving wine to delivering meals, adding a futuristic flair to your restaurant’s ambiance. Its major benefits are:

  • Smart navigation. Carson utilizes AI self-drive technology and employs LIDAR to navigate around obstacles. This robot ensures a smooth operation, with adjustable speeds to suit the pace of your restaurant.
  • Power-packed performance. Carson boasts a long battery life of 15 hours with an additional 48 hours of standby time. With a maximum load capacity of 80 kg and multiple trays, all your serving needs are met efficiently.
  • Personality plus. Carson goes beyond typical robot stereotypes and has a unique personality. Equipped with the capability to make basic facial expressions, Carson adds a delightful, personable touch to your restaurant.

Carson robot waiter costs approximately $45 per day or $1,350 per month, with options to purchase. With its smart navigation system, power-packed performance, and charming personality, Carson is an additional feature to enhance your restaurant atmosphere.


When it comes to elevating your restaurant’s service and ambiance, these top-tier robot servers are truly in a high league. From efficiency and personality to cost-effectiveness and global reach, each of these robotic waiters brings something unique to the table. By investing in these innovative solutions, you are making a smart choice for the future of your restaurant, staying ahead in the competitive world of hospitality.