TUFF Robotics for

Grocery Stores

Where food and technology deliver a memorable guest experience

Restocking: Make restocking a breeze by having our robots do the heavy lifting and follow your staff where they need to go.

Guest Aisle Guidance: Guide your guests to the aisles they’re looking for without having to walk up and down.

Advertising: Show advertisements on our screen for products of your choice while the robots are in operation.

Provide the assistance that your shoppers deserve. Sell high margin products with ease.

TUFF provides a cost-effective, efficient and accurate solution to stocking shelves.

Shoppers aren’t always reading the promotional banners shown in grocery stores.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have more prime shelf space to advertise premium products on, that catches the attention of everyone?

Solve for both of these problem in one go with TUFF Robotics, and set yourself apart from every other grocery store.

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