TUFF Robotics For Grocery Stores

“Where food and technology deliver a memorable guest experience.”


Make restocking a breeze by having our robots do the heavy lifting and follow your staff where they need to go.

Guest aisle guidance

Guide shoppers to the aisle they’re looking for without having to walk up and down.


Show product advertisements on the robot screen from top brands while the robot is in operation.

Honest.  Wholesome.  Quality

Provide the assistance that shoppers deserve. Sell high margin products with ease.

TUFF provides a cost-effective, innovative solution to help your employees and delight guests.

Product awareness

Shoppers aren’t always paying attention to promotional banners when browsing through aisles. Advertisements displayed on robots offer an eye-catching display of products.

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Dynamic shelf space

Prime shelf space on the robot holds advertised product of the week while moving around the store.

Futuristic grocery store

Set yourself apart from other grocery stores by offering additional promotional solutions to brands held in store.

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