TUFF Robotics For Hospitals

“Where care and technology deliver world-class service”

Supply delivery

Save valuable nurses a trip to deliver medical supplies. Have the robots deliver to the final destination with a click of a button.

Food Delivery

Deliver food from the kitchen to patients rooms so that everyone has access to their food while it’s nice and hot.

Room guidance

Guide visitors to their loved ones on each floor with robots that can take them all the way to their door.

Honest.  Wholesome.  Quality

Make sure your valuable staff is maximizing patient time

An average nurse spends over 30% of their time delivering supplies. We take care of the courier tasks, so that you can focus on saving lives.

Medical supply delivery

Hospitals have traditionally relied expensively on staff to deliver medications, test samples, food and other supplies around the hospital. 

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Give more attention to patients

Studies show that one-on-one attention received from doctors and nurses have a direct correlation with the recovery rate of a patient.

Take away the heavy lifting

Our fleet will work 24/7 around the clock alongside your staff and do all of the heavy lifting, while you provide your patients with the best care possible.

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