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Everything you need to fulfill orders in restaurants

TUFF Robotics helps thousands of restaurants expand their workforce by integrating an extra staff member. The robots provide automation for repetitive tasks with unmatched speed and coverage.

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1. Delivery

2. Friendly user experience

3. Plug & play

Multi-robot Cooperation

When multiple Link’s working in the same restaurant meet at a fork in the road, they can autonomously avoid each other without human intervention by following the priority of the robot number and traveling intelligently.

Advanced Dual SLAM Solution for Full Coverage in Any Scenario

Dual SLAM solution allows Lucki to recognize locations markers so it does not get lost at night. It automatically corrects its walking route to avoid deviation from navigation.

Microphone & Speaker

6-microphone ring array, 360° coverage, 5m effective, accurate pickup, clear and sweet tone.

Wide-open Large Tray

Single-tray area:0.2㎡
Total capacity:40kg
Easy to take and place:360°

Color-changing Indicator Tape

Charging: green
Fully charged: blue
Working: blue
Fault: red
Stop: blue
Abrupt stop: red
Turning: flashing
Each status is clearly indicated

Solid and Stable Chassis

Equipped with radar sensing system, with strong performance, balanced movement, and inertial navigation.

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