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November 14, 2023

Top 5 best robot servers for your restaurant

The 21st-century dining industry is changing, with the touch of human service giving way to the innovative assistance of robots. Whether it’s efficiency, precision, or sheer novelty, robot servers quickly…
November 1, 2023

How do robot waiters work in restaurants?

Imagine walking into a restaurant and being greeted by a robot waiter who can take your order, answer questions about the menu, and even make recommendations based on your preferences.…
October 31, 2023

Startups and Technology: A Recipe for Restaurant Automation

Automation is rapidly transforming the food industry, promising reduced operational costs and improved customer service efficiency. According to Research and Markets, the global food automation market is expected to reach…
October 17, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Robot Waiters

Have you ever imagined walking into a restaurant where attention to detail and speed of service have reached unprecedented levels? A place where dishes arrive flawlessly and a robotic smile…

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