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Autonomous mobile robot


Mini is a leading greeting and guiding AI robot. The powerful voice function and large interaction screen cover a variety of reception needs. The smaller body allows for more agile movement and navigating with ease around tighter spaces. Mini provides customers an excelled service experience.

  • Overall Size: 39 x 16 x 16 inches
  • Net Weight: 46 lbs
  • 27+ Languages Supported
  • Screen Size: 14 inches
  • Microphone: 6- Mic Ring Array
  • Battery Life: 10 – 12 hrs

You can have Mini guide visitors to a location with a click of a button. Program the robot to play a short video on the route guidance.


Mini can conversate with your patients using chatGPT. Take your meetings directly with Mini using the microphone, speaker and video functionality.

Mini suits your industry needs


Mini takes interacting with your patients to another level. The tour guide mode introduces your space, while playing educational videos along the way. 


Mini can assist your staff by answering questions, previewing the waitlist, escorting guests and a variety of other functions.

Reliable Passability

When the paths of more than one Mini intersect, intelligent scheduling allows them to avoid collision without the need for human intervention.

Interactive capabilities

Specially developed voice and visual capabilities guarantee a firs-class interactive experience. Mini detects the presence of people and takes the initiative to greet and interact with them.

Hi-Fi Subwoofer

Shocking sound experience, equipped with 30W super power and 5 independent sound modules. The effect is comparable to that of a home theater, with transparent treble, loud midrange, and surging bass.


When power drops below 10%, mini automatically returns to the charging station.

Large 14-Inch HD Screen

Unparalleled performance with an ultra-high-definition resolution makes the picture on the screen clearer and more attractive.

HD Wide-Angle Dual Camera

With 48 million pixels, Mini can boast the industry’s clearest vision. Light input exceeds that of a normal camera by 400%, and its night vision capabilities are even more impressive.

Advanced Mini Chassis

Perfect for fitting in small spaces. Strong chassis R&D capabilities and more than 30,000 application cases, exclusive mobile chassis and a combination of lidar and depth camera for accurate route navigation and smart close-following capabilities.

Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU

The world’s first robot developed on the Qualcomm platform with one of the most powerful POC.