Drink running Food service Room service Transferring medications Restocking

gets heavy…

We’ll TUFF it out.

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Drink running Food Service Room service Restocking

gets heavy.

We’ll TUFF it out.

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Repetitive tasks should be automatic. That’s where we come in.

TUFF provides world-class robotics that take supplement your human workforce. Our easy install takes the headache out of training and setup, so you can let humans do human things.
Optimize your workforce and eliminate repetitive tasks.
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repetitive tasks

Let humans do human things. Don’t “replace” labor, simply eliminate those necessary tasks that weigh down morale.

Boost employee satisfaction and retention

Let humans do human things. Don’t “replace” labor, simply eliminate those necessary tasks that weigh down morale.

Create consistency in staffing

Never wonder if a busser or drink runner will call off sick: our robots don’t catch the common cold or take weekends off.

Attract new customers through innovation

Customers crave innovation – our robots are fun & friendly, putting your patrons at awe and generating you rave reviews!

Automate your workforce today!

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Empower Your Workforce! 

Empower Your Workforce! 

Empower Your Workforce! 

Customer Testimonials

Empowering our employees with robots that are always ready to help provided much needed relief to our staff during these chaotic times. The fact that they don’t call in sick allows us to provide consistent service even as our shift schedule rapidly changes.

RyanRestaurant Manager

"Our operations are now more streamlined and efficient, and our customers love the improved experience. We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner."

RobertRestaurant Manager

"Feedback from our customers amazing, people smile. Immediately take their phones and started making a video for themselves to put on social media."


"We have been amazed by the team at TUFF Robotics who are incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, providing personalized advice and support."

PaulaRestaurant Director

"We wanted to bring something new to the customers and an extra hand to the staff members. The mapping and training was quick and smooth. The robot can even sing happy birthday to our customers."


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