TUFF Robotics For Restaurants

“Where food and technology deliver a memorable guest experience”

Kitchen to table delivery

Let us carry all your dishes so that your staff can focus on your customers instead of running between the kitchen and tables.


Stack all the heavy dishes in one place and have our robot take it all the the kitchen in one go.


Promote drinks and dishes around your whole store on our screen to upsell the tastiest options on your menu.

Honest.  Wholesome.  Quality

Start delivering to customers in a timely manner

TUFF makes it easy to integrate an extra level of service in your restaurant. It's free to install, and there's minimal training required.

Takes on the heavy lifting

  • Total capacity: 88 lb
  • 3x large trays – each 2 feet wide
  • Fast and slow speed delivery
  • All-floor navigation with leading suspension

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Expanded service capacity

Keep your restaurants running smoothly by bringing in an extra hand. Increase service capacity by freeing up time to interact with customers.

Our fleet will work alongside your employees

Our fleet will work alongside your employees to take on the tedious tasks so that they can be more present, and more available. 

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